Do you want to use active sensors for measuring physical quantities? The MX1601B-R standard amplifier provides measurement inputs for

  • Standardized voltage (±60 V, ± 10 V or ± 100 mV)
  • Standardized current (0 or 4 ... 20 mA)
  • IEPE/ICP© sensors

in 16 individually configurable channels - at an attractive price per channel!

Powerful performance: Reliable and precise

The MX1601B-R is compact and easy to integrate. In addition, it is convincing through its high measurement quality:

  • Every channel has a 24-bit Delta-Sigma A/D converter. Moreover, all channels are electrically isolated.
  • The amplifier offers sample rates up to 19,200 Samples/s per channel and a bandwidth of up to 3 kHz.
  • A working standard calibration certificate stored in the instrument guarantees quality and traceability.

Typical fields of application include:

  • Mobile measurements and tests in Off-Highway Vehicles (construction, agriculture and forestry)
  • Stationary measurements and tests on buildings (structural monitoring)
  • Field tests (automotive and aerospace applications)

Your benefits

  • Reliable measurement results even in harsh environments

Flexible, modular and expandable

SomatXR modules can also be operated in combination with other data acquisition systems (e.g. QuantumX). An individual data acquisition system, scaled to the respective requirements, can be easily set up. Ethernet TCP/IP IEEE 1588 (PTPv2 synchronization) is available as communication interface.

Professional software support

SomatXR users benefit from a powerful software packagecatman measurement software and many other tools offer ideal options for processing your measurement data. This makes sure that they can be easily acquired, clearly visualized and smartly analyzed.

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