GEN7i: High Speed Transient Recorder and Data Acquisition System

Just like that it´s ready to go: GEN7i is ready to use immediately, as soon as you have unpacked the device - Perception Enterprise is already installed on the device. The GEN7i is a versatile portable and mobile data acquisition system. In addition, it provides all the features expected from a transient recorder. The hardware combines a full-featured Windows® PC with a large, high-resolution touch screen and a robust seven-slot acquisition unit. Designed for operation in the field as well as in the laboratory, the GEN7i features a unique, Instrument Panel touch interface and turns with a single touch into a dedicated instrument for analysis and sophisticated reporting using the extra Perception software options.

Depending on the selected operating mode - continuous or transient - measurement data is either transferred directly to the internal SSD, stored on the optional removable Disk, transferred to external PC, to an NAS (Network Attached Storage) or it is initally bufferd in high-speed RAM on the input card to offer transient recording without any throughput limitaitions

A master/slave function is available for synchronized recording using two or more Genesis High Speed devices. More security for your data: The easy removal of the hard disk for data storage as needed and optionally for safekeeping of the operating system as well meets the highest security requirements.

Would you like to intregrate GEN7i into a system with other devices? No problem, as GEN7i supports the Precision Time Protocol (PTP v2). This makes it possible to synchronize the times of multiple devices networked via Ethernet - regardless of the product family.

Product Literature

Perception은 고속 데이터 수집을 위한 소트프웨어 패키지이자 측정 순서에 따른 모든 업무를 완수합니다.
Genesis HighSpeed 트레이드인
Genesis 초고속 DAQ와 Perception 소프트웨어 인터페이스 설정

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