Webinar: New sensor concepts for the development of innovative and competitive checkweighers, packaging and sorting machines

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Digital load cells are at the core of checkweighers and many other packaging and sorting machines. Load cells based on electromagnetic force compensation have often been used in these applications so far.

Through the development of completely new sensor concepts, load cells based on strain gauge technology achieve remarkable values in terms of accuracy and speed today. This opens up interesting new fields of application to the manufacturers of checkweighers and packaging and sorting machines - and even enables completely new market segments to be developed, since strain gauge technology provides huge cost benefits compared to conventional solutions.

In this webinar, we show you:

  • What accuracies can be achieved today, using innovative load cells based on strain gauge technology - and what opportunities this may offer to you as machine builders
  • How to professionally use trigger and filter functions for the digital load cell
  • What economic and strategic aspects should be taken into account when selecting weighing components for checkweighers, packaging and sorting machines.

This webinar was originally held on February 26, 2015.

Dr. Henrik Brutlach


Dr. Henrik Brutlach

  • Trainer HBM Academy
  • HBM Test & Measurement
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