HBM further develops optical measurement technology

HBM Test and Measurement expands its product portfolio for optical measurement technology. The products are primarily used in structural testing and the development of light-weight materials.

Light-weight materials are increasingly used in the transport and building sector, mechanical engineering and the energy industry to significantly reduce weight.  Optical measurement technology features compact geometrical dimensions and high measurement stability and thus offers many benefits in materials testing at increased levels of strain and a high number of load cycles. Unlike electrical strain gauges, optical sensors offer immunity from these influences and therefore are first choice for use in environments characterized by strong electromagnetic interference effects as well.

Through the acquisition of Portuguese specialist optical company Fibersensing S.A. in 2014, HBM Test and Measurement is now in a position to work on this topic even more intensely.

The new focus makes HBM the only supplier of the complete optical measuring chain worldwide. This includes fiber optic Bragg sensors such as strain gauges, strain, temperature, and tilt sensors, accelerometers and interrogators that can be connected via TCP/IP to any standard PC using an Ethernet interface. System downtime is significantly reduced thanks to the extremely high stability and long service life of the optical measuring chains and the other benefits mentioned above, for example, when testing rotor blades in wind turbines. Remote power supply, in some cases required for safety reasons, is also a thing of the past.



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