Digital charge amplifier with measuring range up to 500 kN


The trend in modern mechanical and plant engineering is towards use of larger and larger components and mechanical structures. This means that larger forces have to be measured, and especially in a way that saves space. With the CMD2000, HBM offers a new digital charge amplifier that covers a measuring range of 2 million pC despite its compact design and features a high level of functionality.

The CMD2000 makes it possible to connect piezoelectric force sensors and force washers and also to connect up to four force sensors in parallel with a summing box. The cumulative force signal can be acquired and analyzed by the charge amplifier in less than one millisecond. It is suitable for measuring very fast piezoelectric force, torque and pressure signals.

With the digital inputs and outputs and the Fast Ethernet interface, users can easily parameterize the device and monitor it later during operation. Integrated peak value detection and limit value monitoring functions makes it possible to shift control functions to the CMD2000, thus relieving the central control unit. Subsequent parameter changes, for example to the measuring range or for limit value monitoring, can be made directly via the Ethernet interface with PC-based on-site system control or even via remote maintenance.

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