Webinar: Building up reference measuring chains out of calibration transducers for force, torque, pressure and high-precision amplifiers


In this webinar we explain the use and design of reference measuring chains based on calibration transducers. Learn what transducers are particularly suited for this application, how to choose the right calibration unit and what to keep in mind in terms of measurement uncertainty.

The webinar contents in detail:

  • General introduction to precision instruments, with recommendations regarding measurement uncertainty and long-term stability            
  • Force, torque & pressure transducers of highest accuracy
  • DMP41, the world’s most precise amplifier for strain gauge based transducers
  • The choice and use of calibration units


Dr. André Schäfer

International Product Management at HBM Test and Measurement



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DMP41은 세계에서 가장 정밀한 스트레인게이지(SG) 기반의 계측용 앰프입니다.
교정 서비스
DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025에 적합한 DKD의 능력과 경험의 이익 교정 인증서 교정을 통한 이익
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