Measurement Applications for Manufacturing

Filling, Sorting, Checking
Speed, precision, hygiene, price: When choosing their component suppliers, the manufacturers of packaging machinery need to take into account many factors in parallel.
Process & Level Weighing
Silos, containers or stores: HBM offers the right solution whenever correct dosing and level measurement in process weighing is required.

Measurement Applications by Industry

자동차 산업
자동화 공업에서 테스트와 측정할 때, 획득한 측정 결과에서의 전체적인 신뢰는 필수 전제 조건입니다.
Wind Turbine Testing with HBM
Wind turbine testing from HBM helps to minimize downtime and maximize service length by identifying mechanical stress early.
Efficiency and sustainability - HBM provides high-quality measurement technology for reliable and resource-saving production planning.
Be it dosing, filling or mixing - efficient food production is accompanied by reliable test and measurement technology and user-friendly design.
HBM provides you with the right solution to keep your development and production of ships, marine engines and other components fit for the future.0
우주 항공 산업
세계를 이끄는 항공 우주 산업 회사와 측정 분야의 선두주자 HBM 사의 콜라보 기술에 대해 소개합니다.

Case Studies

적용사례 연구
전 세계 고객들이 사용하는 HBM의 측정, 웨잉, 어플리케이션 기술에 관한 적용 사례 연구를 읽어보세요.
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