PROFINET interface module with IRT functionality for torque transducers

HBM Test and Measurement (HBM) offers a particularly powerful tool, the TIM-PN PROFINET interface module which enables torque and rotational speed signals as well as angle of rotation and power to be digitally transmitted to PROFINET. The hardware supports Real Time Classes RT Class 1 and RT Class 3 (IRT) with a bus cycle time of up to 4 kHz.

HBM torque transducers with classical frequency signals too can now be connected, just by reparameterizing the TMC (Torque Measurement Communication) digital input on the TIM-PN. This allows users to integrate both the torque signal and the speed signal of the measurement flanges in PROFINET networks via the same interface module. This reduces module variance and increases flexibility in the test bench.

The module can be used in field bus-based automation and control systems – for instance, in test benches for electric motors and combustion engines, gears, pumps and compressors.


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