Webinar: Fatigue and durability testing


The webinar describes the laboratory tests commonly used to determine the fatigue life of materials and structures for lightweight construction of vehicles, machinery and components. Besides long-term dynamic fatigue tests, this also includes static load tests or model verification tests. Live demonstrations will illustrate how these tests can easily be set up and run in practice, and how test data can be recorded and analyzed efficiently.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to save time during the configuration of DAQ systems for durability tests
  • How to reduce efficiently the volume of recorded data in long-term tests


Dr. Karl-Michael Nigge

Head of Product Management for DAQ Systems and Software




Rolf Mendel

Senior Project Manager Measurement systems with high channel counts



HBM Products and Solutions for Fatigue and Durability Testing

QuantumX MX1615B/MX1616B
16채널의 MX1615B/MX1616B 앰프는 풀, 하프, 쿼터브리지 스트레인 값을 정밀하고 안전하게 측정합니다.(120-1,000 Ohm)
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