Customize Perception with User Keys and the New Real-time Formula Database

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Perception 7.0 will be released in November.  This webinar will discuss several new or expanded features that are included in version 7.0:

  • User Keys are available in all Perception licenses and the functionality has been expanded in v7.0.  User Keys allow users to combine several Perception actions into a single button.   Examples of the available actions include cursor navigation, saving values into a Data Source, adjusting the display area, saving the report and loading a new set of formulas.  We will show how to create a user key and share examples of how powerful they can be.
  • The Real-time Formula Database is a new feature available on GN610B modules.  This feature allows the user to create formulas that are calculated on the DSP of the module so results are available in real-time.  We will show how formulas are entered and discuss how the real-time formula database compares to the Formula Sheet.


Bart Morrick

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