HBM can design any type of OEM sensor, including verification and validation

From strain gages to sub-assemblies, HBM can design, build and deliver volume sensor solutions, for any industry and application type. With 1,800 employees worldwide and over 65 years of experience, HBM is a leader in strain gage and sensor manufacturing. HBM wrote the book on NTEP/OIML certifications meaning they can design and teach on all aspects of a load cell.

When it comes to OEM sensors, HBM has proven solutions across several industries, including medical, agriculture, industrial vehicles, robotics, energy, and many others. These may include force and pressure sensors that can pass autoclave cleaning; load pins and down force sensors for agriculture; extension-type force sensors for industrial vehicle applications; multi-axis, reactionary torque for robotics; and force, pancake and threaded rod ends for energy, to name a few.

HBM’s four main offerings include:

  • Strain gages for transducer manufacturing (standard and custom)
  • OEM gaging services to gage customer supplied parts
  • Building block sensors such as blades for pumps
  • Assemblies that includes load introduction parts for one stop shop

These offerings are available for all types of applications. For example, in the medical industry, strain gage based sensors can be designed and built to withstand the rigors of autoclave cycling for medical devices, or in agriculture where load pins measure the down force in seeding machines to allow the seed to be planted at a predetermined depth across multiple rows and varied farm terrain, giving farmers the highest possible yield.

Download our New OEM Sensor Brochure:

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For specific OEM Sensor inquiries, CAD drawings and data sheets, please contact us at oemsensors@hbm.com.


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