Please note: The images of our products shown below are samples to be used as for reference only as there are many variations available. Please contact for more information. 

Mobile Elevated Work Platform Load Cell

The durable bending beam type load cell has been designed to withstand dynamic vibration and overload conditions to provide reliable overload monitoring of boom and scissor lifts.

Telescopic Handler Sensor

The robust and accurate strain sensor is fixed to the rear axle of a telescopic handler. This ensures proper load contact of the wheels to the ground and provides warnings in case of dangerous overload conditions.

Mobile Crane Load Pin

These are highly engineered customized load pins that are placed in telescopic stabilizers or sheaves that facilitate accurate load measurements and overload conditions.

On-Board Weighing Load Cell

The reliable and accurate on-board weighing load cell can be utilized in a variety of commercial vehicles such as mining haul trucks carrying heavy bulk materials. The load cell is engineered to the highest degree of durability.

Vehicle Torque Sensor

The industry-leading custom torque sensor allows measurement in wheel loaders and other off-highway vehicles. From internal combustion to electric drive motors, torque is a critical measurement in determining mechanical efficiency and power distribution to the wheels.

Standard and Custom Strain Gauges

Strain gauges with various creep compensation values are specifically designed for transducer manufacturing. HBM is one of the largest strain gauge manufacturers in the world. Therefore, hundreds of strain gauge designs are available. If one is not available, HBM can design a customized strain gauge to meet your specific needs.

Digital AED Transducer Electronics

The AED converts the signals supplied by analog load cells into digital data and helps make the implementation of your process control systems easy and convenient.

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