Webinar: Efficient Data Acquisition With Fast DAQ Software

When designing data acquisition (DAQ) systems, often a lot of thought is given to the hardware aspects of the problem, such as the sensors, but the role of the software in the DAQ process is neglected. This is a potential mistake as the software is as crucial as hardware components. The software design is key for the reliability of the DAQ systems and the efficiency of the measurement.

In this free 30-minute webinar, you will get an overview of HBM’s new DAQ software EVIDAS. Short live demos will show you how to quickly acquire data and visualize it easily.


  Free webinar presented by experts in the field

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Your webinar speaker: 

Thomas Markwitz

Product Manager Test & Measurement Software



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EVIDAS is HBM's easy-to-use data acquisition and analysis software for fast and straightforward results with an advanced design and clean workflow.
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