In Vehicle Electric Power Measurements II

Date & Time

 Tuesday, March 24, 2020      1:00 PM CT / 2:00 PM ET     

In vehicle testing has been a staple in the automotive world since its inception. As the number of electric vehicles increases, there is a need to understand how the electric powertrain functions in a vehicle. For many years this has been a challenge, but the HBM eDrive has unique features which make electric powertrain analysis possible in vehicles. This webinar will review the topics presented in “In Vehicle Electric Power Measurement Part I” which include the challenges, dynamic testing, examples as well as discuss some of the techniques and best practices for doing an effective in vehicle project.

Did you attend In Vehicle Electric Power Measurements I? If not, click here watch the webinar on demand now. 


Mitch Marks

Business Development Manager – eDrive Testing



In Vehicle Electric Power Measurements II

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