Operating Deflection Shapes Analysis - Determination of Vibration Patterns Under Operating Conditions

Date & Time

 Thursday, February 20, 2020      02:00 PM CET       English

Operating Deflection Shapes (ODS) analysis determines the vibration patterns of a structure under operating conditions. The vibration patterns are shown as animated geometric models and display a combination of the forcing function acting on the structure and the dynamic properties of the structure.
ODS analysis can be done both in the time and spectral domain by relatively simple means. It provides very useful information for understanding the dynamic behaviour of structures and is one of the most used applications in structural dynamics. 

The webinar will:

  • Introduce the idea of ODS analysis;
  • Describe the different types of ODS analysis: Time ODS, Spectral ODS and Non-stationary ODS analysis;
  • Explain how operating deflection shapes and mode shapes are related;
  • Describe instrumentation used for ODS analysis.


Niels-Jørgen Jacobsen

Product Manager - Structural Dynamics Solution




ODS – Vibration Patterns under Operating Conditions

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