Take advantage of the opportunity to meet your demand needs of the Somat eDAQ, eDAQXR, eDAQXR-lite, and eDAQlite!

HBM has made the difficult decision to discontinue eDAQ, eDAQXR, eDAQ-lite, and eDAQXR-lite platforms at the end of 2020 as the efforts to maintain the technology base for these products have become unsustainable.

We understand the challenges presented by the elimination of a longstanding product line and will provide our support to mitigate the effects of this by our sales, support and application engineering teams. We encourage you to look at your upcoming testing needs and make last time purchases in 2020, so that you can address your requirements for many years to come. The modular, ruggedized SomatXR line of DAQ continues to evolve and serve as an alternative to eDAQXR as well as a good solution for rugged mobile testing.

Important dates and information:

Below are the important dates relating to the eDAQ, eDAQ-lite, eDAQXR, eDAQXR-lite line’s end-of-life:

  • May 31, 2020: Last day to receive the 20% discount on all discontinued layers and discontinued accessories

  • October 31, 2020: Discontinued parts will be removed from HBM’s webshop

  • December 11, 2020: Last time order deadline

We are happy to announce that we will support you for:

  • Ten more years until December 2030 with calibration and technical support 
  • Repair services and accessories will be offered based on availability of parts for the next five to ten years.

We will continue to invest in rugged mobile data acquisition to be an innovative partner for our customers with the aspiration of providing solutions for the future.

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