Optimizing Structural Health Monitoring Using Optical Technology

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 Wednesday, May 13, 2020      02:00 PM CET       English

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Complete and effective monitoring solutions often require the combined usage of different technologies. HBM can provide the entire measurement chain, from sensor to software, through the acquisition hardware, for these types of applications. In this webinar we will to introduce how we reinvented optical technology by integrating the into one of the most successful data acquisition platforms of HBM: the QuantumX. A powerful combination of the modular concept of QuantumX and its capabilities with the most wanted advantages of the optical technology.

This webinar will discuss:

•    The common challenges of structural monitoring systems
•    How the optical technology makes sense for such applications
•    The new optical interrogator from HBM, including its advantages, namely for Infrastructure Monitoring.


Cristina Barbosa

Product Manager HBM Optical Business