Load Cells from HBM: Always the Right Solution for Your Application

HBM weighing technology is synonymous with precision, safety, dependability, and quality. In addition, the brand stands for utmost innovative capacity as well as flexible and cost-effective solutions that meet virtually any customer requirement.

Our load cells have set the standard for decades. Whether it is analog or digital load cells, single point load cells or bending beam load cells – it’s your choice! In addition, we offer the right weighing electronics and matching accessories for your application.


We Guarantee

Precise measurement results and utmost reliability

Load cells
that meet all

flexibility in the

products, due to
hologram label

Difficulty Making a Decision?

The demands on load cell accuracy vary with the different tasks. Internationally agreed accuracy classes per OIML R60 provide valuable information that enables you to choose the right load cell for a specific application.


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