The #1 reference book on stress analysis and transducer design using strain gauges

The classic, definitive work on strain gauge measurement

The strain gauge has become an essential tool in stress analysis, part optimization, safety testing and technical investigative work. It is also a major component used in the manufacturing of measurement transducers.

In this 250-page, richly-illustrated book, Karl Hoffmann describes, in plain language, the fundamentals of strain gauge measurement, ranging from gauge selection through analysis and evaluation of acquired data.

The main points discussed include numerous applications of the Wheatstone bridge circuit, error compensation, and measurement in elementary and combined loading configurations; also, the analysis of unidirectional and bidirectional stress conditions, as well as error assessment, and its avoidance and correction. Theoretical aspects are also adequately covered in depth, as and where necessary.

Karl Hoffmann was one of the true pioneers in the field of strain gauge technology. In over 30 years of work at HBM, he played a significant role in the development of strain gauges and application techniques.

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Reference Book
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