U1A Force Sensor for Tensile and Compressive Force: Capacities ranging from 10 N to 50 N

The U1A force sensor is specially designed for measuring small tensile and compressive forces, even when relatively high lateral forces are present. Three different types of mechanical connectors (load application) are available with the transducer: M5 external thread, M5 internal thread, and bolt with nut. The load cell is a true “classic” in our range of products: It has been available with unchanged dimensions and threaded connectors for over three decades. The S2M force transducer is also available as a cutting-edge alternative to this product.

  • HBM accuracy class: up to 0.1
  • Capacity: 10 N to 50 N

For small forces

  • Specially designed for measuring small forces
  • Rotationally symmetric design, 45 mm diameter
  • Admissible lateral force: 20 N, depending on the sensor’s capacity
  • High force limit of 100 N for every measuring range

Prepared for all the adversities of everyday laboratory work: Well-protected against lateral force and overload.

Guaranteed availability for decades

  • HBM’s force measuring equipment offers unrivaled dependability: A range of products have been available with us for over three decades with compatibility that goes back to the first U1A.
  • Diverse load application parts and knuckle eyes available; plug assembly on request

Absolute planning security: Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. The compatibility of the connectors of set designs is guaranteed: Benefit from a practice that has been present at HBM for decades.

Available Accessories

  • Knuckle eyes
  • Upper knuckle eye for coupling M3

U1A Product Literature

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A35, B35, BBS, BLC, BLF, C2, C3H2, C3H3, C6A, C16, DEBA, H35, HLC, JRT, LCB, MBB, PLC, PLX, PW12, PW16, PW2F-2, PW2FC3, PW2G, PW6, PW10, PW15, PW15AH, PW22, PWA, PWS, RSC, RTN, S35, SB2, SB3, SBF, SP4, SS4, THC, TLC, U1A, U2A, U2B, Z6FD1, Z6FC3

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