U5 Low-Profile Force Transducer: Capacities ranging from 100 kN to 500 kN

The rotationally symmetrical U5 load cell comes with a very low profile and flat design for easy integration. Furthermore, the sensor can be very easily mounted on the test device or the machine by simply using two flanges. This means that you can install the U5 load cell with screws and a torque wrench within minutes.

The electrical connection is alternatively made by a fixed cable (6 or 20 m) or a plug.

  • Maximum capacities: 100 kN ... 500 kN
  • Accuracy class: 0.1 ... 0.3

Easy to install

  • Straight-forward mechanical connection via flange screw bolting
  • Electrical connection via a plug or an integrated cable

Quick and easy mounting of the load cell. The application of very large torques or large prestressing forces (as with sensors with a central thread) is no longer necessary.

Fits to your application

The following is the accessories facilitating the adaption of the U5 load cell to typical measurement tasks:

  • Adapter for connecting knuckle eyes
  • Tensile force adapter and bearing plates
  • Pre-configured connection cables

A time-saving plug-and-measure solution! There is no need for soldering or plug-in on site. You can count on its pre-configured solutions for compressive force measurements and for the mounting of the knuckle eyes.

Accessories Available

  • Bearing plates
  • Knuckle eyes
  • Tensile force adapter
  • Cables

You will find more information in the data sheet.

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