The HBM P3MBP Blue Line absolute pressure transducer provides an exceptionally long service life and measures with a very high degree of accuracy making it the optimal choice for test benches.

The P3MBP Blue Line pressure transducer operates at up to 15000 bar making it the highest maximum nominal (rated) pressure transducer available world-wide.

The monolithic design of P3MBP's measuring body gives excellent properties, even in the maximum pressure ranges:

  • Good load cycle capability e.g. in the 5,000 bar range: typically beyond 10 million load cycles
  • Reliable operation, even beyond the full scale value, i.e. an operating range of 0 to 120% is available
  • IP67 degree of protection, corrosion-resistant
  • Extremely accurate transducer e.g. in the 5.000 bar range: accuracy class 0.2
  • On request we can complement your transducer with a high-precision amplifier, e.g. MGCplus ML30 with accuracy class 0.03 or even MGCplus ML38, with accuracy class 0.0025
Transducer forHigh-Pressure up to 15000 bar
Accuracy class [%]0.2, 0.4, 0.5
Service range [%]120
Nominal temperature
[°C ]
-10 ... +80
Max. medium temperature
[°C ]
Nominal meas. range in bar, 0 ...5000, 10000, 15000
Measuring systemStrain gage / piezoresistive
Output signal1mV/V
Electrical connectionLemo-Connector LEMO FFA 2E.310
Mechanical connectionM20 x 1.5

Measuring Highest Pressures with HBM:

The P3MBP BlueLine transducers are based on a patented construction principle. Such high pressures can only be measured because foil strain gage technology is used. During design, the geometry of the monolithic measuring body is optimized as required. The measuring grid is ultimately fitted in the final manufacturing stage.

Typical high pressure applications are:

5,000 to 15,000 bar:

  • Autofrettage
  • High-pressure fittings
  • Hydraulic test benches

4,000 bar:

  • High-pressure water-jet cutting
  • High-pressure pulsation test benches

3,000 bar:

  • Diesel injection components in future
  • Hydraulics for generating clamping force in machine tool manufacture

2,000 bar:

  • Diesel injection components today
  • Stripping the enamel from airplanes
  • Substrate preparation
  • etc.

Key Features

  • For static and dynamic pressure variance, pressure peaks, pressure fluctuations
  • Extremely reliable and stable
  • Measuring ranges 5000 bar, 10000 bar, 15000 bar
  • Monolithic design, measuring body without a welded seam
  • Good load cycle capability
  • Degree of protection IP67
  • Corrosion-resistant
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