TOP Transfer Reference Force Transducer: Transfer Standards for Comparison Measurements

The TOP Transfer sensors measure tensile and compressive force up to 500 kN and provide an accuracy close to the physical limit. They can be used in international inter-laboratory comparisons, top-level comparison measurements, and exceptionally precise test equipment.

HBM experts take special sensors of the Z30A and Z4A type series from the current production and subject them to extensive testing to ensure TOP Transfer series’ high quality. Only sensors that meet the high technical requirements of the TOP series are approved as TOP Transfer. Therefore, TOP Transfer reference force transducers exceed the requirements of the highest accuracy class (00) specified in ISO 376, partially by a factor of up to 10 and offer outstanding repeatability.

  • Accuracy class (ISO376): 00
  • HBM accuracy class: 0.015
  • Capacity: 100 N to 500 kN

Highest accuracy level

  • Exceptionally high measurement quality, due to select TOP Transfer force transducers and technical properties close to the physical limit
  • Accuracy exceeds the requirements of Class 00 specified in ISO 376 for tensile and compressive force, partially by a factor of up to 10
  • Guaranteed minimum measurement uncertainty of comparison measurements in your calibration machine
  • Very well suited for international comparison measurements

Meets exceptionally high precision requirements, due to select high quality and strict monitoring

High-precision measurement chain

  • Availability of ISO 376-compliant accessories that meet practical requirements; knuckle eyes and load application parts (tensile load application and thrust pieces)
  • Ideal combination of sensor and data acquisition using the DMP41 precision measuring instrument
  • Measurement chain provides outstanding precision, when transducer, amplifier, and fittings are calibrated together, as recommended

Consistently high quality of measurement results, due to high-level calibration of the measurement chain as a whole

Future-proof investment

  • HBM guarantees consistently high quality of all TOP Transfer sensors
  • Dependable EMC tests in HBM’s in-house EMC laboratory

Long-term investment security that ensures highly precise measurement results over decades

Extensive range of accessories

  • Various cables
  • Thrust pieces as per ISO376
  • Tensile force application parts as per ISO376
  • Knuckle eyes
  • Transport case
  • Connector assembly on request
  • Calibration

For more information, please refer to the data sheet.

TOP-Transfer Product Literature

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