QuantumX ensures copper content in 3G communication networks

The virtually wireless world of mobile communications too depends on reliable cables: Especially if mobile transmitting stations need to be connected. The latest 3G communication networks provide a wide range of technical options and require that cables meet the highest standards as well.  A Chinese manufacturer relies on QuantumX from HBM in its quality assurance activities.

A Chinese manufacturer has turned to HBM to ensure very high precision in its copper processing so that it can better meet the needs of modern 3G communication systems.The manufacturer relies on QuantumX from HBM in its quality assurance activities and processed copper using roller mills to create thin strips that were then woven into coaxial cables and belts for 3G systems. However, variations in the strip’s thickness were leading to serious signal attenuation with the potential loss of communications during transmission.

Initially, a thickness detector was fitted in the production line but this proved inadequate on its own to meet the high levels of precision required. With a turnover of 600 Million RMB (USD 87.90 million), the manufacturer was faced with a significant challenge that HBM was able to resolve.

HBM’s QuantumX MX410 with a very high sampling rate of 96 kHz/channel was installed and connected to acceleration sensors enabling variations in the vibration of the roller mill to be swiftly detected. The QuantumX MX410 is also used to monitor variations in the output voltage signal of the thickness detector and is connected to sensors for acceleration, pressure, force, displacement, voltage and current signals.

All of the signals are transmitted via Ethernet to HBM’s catman®AP data acquisition and analysis software to give a real time FFT calculation with online control in every workshop. The arrangement ensures that faulty rollers are easily detected enabling remedial action to be taken with consistently high precision maintained in the copper belts.

The manufacturer’s maintenance engineer says, "Previously we felt helpless when faced with such quality problems. Now, with the HBM instrumentation, it is easy to find any faulty equipment, ensure product quality and avoid substantial losses".

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