XY2 and XY4 Torsion/Shear Strain Gauges with 2 Measuring Grids for Measurements on Torsion Bars and Determining Shear Stresses

Types XY2 and XY4 are V-shaped strain gauges (SGs) with 2 measuring grids arranged at an angle of about 45° to the SG axis. Typical applications for these strain gauges include measurements on torsion bars and determining shear stresses as they occur in shear beams in the area of neutral fibers.

Further information about measuring with XY2 and XY4 is available in our brochure "Use of the Wheatstone Bridge Circuit" and in our specialist publication "An Introduction to Measurements Using Strain Gauges".

You can also take advantage of our wide selection of geometries with different nominal (rated) resistances (120, 350, 700 ohms) and temperature adaptations for torsion and shear strain gauges.

The measuring grid consists of constantan; the material of the measuring grid carrier is polyimide.

XY4 strain gauges also come with a connection cable!

Torsion / Shear (2 grids)


With leads and common connection


With solder pad and common connection


Double shear with solder pads on each end of the grid

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