Basic XT Iso 1 MS/s Input Card (GN813)

The Basic XT ISO 1 MS/s Input Card (GN813) is no longer offered by HBM.  

Please click here for an overview of all Genesis HighSpeed input cards.

Special features

  • 8 analog channels
  • Unbalanced differential inputs
  • ± 2 V to ± 100 V input range
  • 250 V DC channel to channel Isolation
  • User selectable digital Bessel and FIR filters
  • 1 MS/s sample rate
  • 16 bit resolution
  • 512 MB memory
  • Single isolated BNC for each channel

Product Literature

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In rare cases, GEN2tB mainframes do not properly start, this patch ensures that the GEN2tB does start properly after every power cycle.

It installs updated firmware to the PC. Upon connecting with Perception, the new firmware will automatically be installed to the GEN Series mainframe.

Please note that installing Perception Software 7.20 or Perception Feature Preview 7.22 is a pre-requisite for using this patch.

All future Perception versions will have this patched content automatically included in the installation.

Date: 07/2018  |  Version: 7.20.18185  |  Size: 121 MB

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Perception Enterprise (1-PERC-E64) is no longer required to run the 64-bit version of Perception. Therefore all Perception versions are available in 64-bit.

This 64-bit version of Perception includes "Full install", "Offline install" and "Free viewer install" - each installation with own set of features.

The Free viewer version of Perception software can be used free of charge.

Please note: Perception now includes the instruments firmware. That means it no longer requires an additional download of the firmware for the GEN DAQ systems.

Date: 03/2018  |  Version: 7.20.18075  |  Size: 398 MB
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Software programming tool to read the proprietary PNRF (Perception Native Recording File) file format.

Date: 03/2018  |  Version: 7.20.18075  |  Size: 7 MB
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