Frequently asked questions regarding the QuantumX Software / Firmware Update

Which modules can be updated with the new Firmware?

All modules can be updated.

Please see the attached image for more information:


After the update the modules cannot be found by your software!

  • Did you wait long enough for the PC to define its address?
  • Is it possible that your firewall is blocking the UDP scan?
    • try deactivating your Firewall or release the following ports with QuantumX:
      TCP port 5001, incoming UDP ports: 31416 and 31417
  •  Is WLAN switched off?
    • Try deactivating WLAN just for scan and connection
  • Is it possible that your virus protection program is responsible for blocking the UDP scan?
    • try deactivating it. If the device is then found, refer to the documentation of your virus protection program to find out how to enable access to the network (local subnet) for individual programs. You must enable the same ports as described under Firewall.
  • Check the IP addressing of your module
    • DHCP (automatic IP addressing) or Alternative configuration (user-defined address)
    • If you re-parameterize anything after approx. 20 to 30 seconds either an IP address is set.
  • If your PC has several Ethernet interfaces, try deactivating all other Ethernet interfaces.
  • If you are using the device in a large network, contact your network administrator. In managed networks there is a range of methods for restricting or completely preventing the data transfer between individual devices. Administrative releases may therefore by need here.

Where do I get a complete release overview of the latest firmware and software release?

The QuantumX Release Notes can be found on our firmware and software download pages.

Here is the actual version matrix:

QuantumX System CD 4.01


QuantumX Assistant 4

4.0 (Build 190)

QuantumX Firmware Updater

QuantumX Data Recorder Assistant (CX22-W)

QuantumX LabView™ Driver

4.0 (Build 130)

QuantumX .NET/COM API 4

4.0 (Build 130)

QuantumX CANape Driver ($)

4.0 (Build 41)

TEDS Editor (integriert in Sensordatenbank)

FireWire Driver

$ = license necessary


Software Packages


HBM catman Easy / catman AP


HBM catman Enterprise


HBM DIAdem™ Driver

4.x BETA (via support channel)


QuantumX Firmware


MX840/A, MX440A, MX410/B, MX460, MX403B, MX1609/-T/KB/TB, MX1601/B, MX1615/B, MX878, MX879, CX27
MX840A-P, MX1609-P, MX411-P, MX460-P, MX1601-P

4-0-12-0-t.qxb (~ 400 MB,  alt auf neu)

4-0-12-0.hbg (~ 12 MB)

What is the benefit of the new B type modules / hardware in general?

The new functionality and benefit of the B type modules will be released in May 2014 in general:

  • Additional Ethernet based time sync mechanism supporting IEEE 1588:2008 time PTPv2
  • Additional data rates next to the existing HBM Classic rates (1200, …, 9600, 19200, …):
    • Decimal [S/sec]: …, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000, 20000, …
  • Additional digital filter for all different data rates with -3dB orientation next to Bessel, Butterworth:
    • Linear Phase

Within the next months we will upgrade all modules by this hardware functionality step by step, starting with MX403B – voltage module (10, 100, 1000 V). Moreover the following modules will be released:

  • MX1601B – Standard Inputs, will replace the existing MX1601
  • MX1615B – Strain Gage Bridge Amplifier, will replace the existing MX1615
  • MX410B – High-Speed Universal Amplifier, will replace the existing MX410

What is the benefit of the new firmware version 4.x?

Functionality and benefit of the new firmware version 4:

  • future proof firmware and software architecture
  • New (open) data streaming protocol allows us to integrate into any OS, i.e. Linux)
  • Improved web based module scan with new UDP ports for scan response (31416 und 31417). The new ports can be registered to a Windows Firewall during installation of QuantumX Assistant, Updater or catmanEASY in automatically otherwise manually.
  • New secure web based firmware update allows web based update or integration into any software
  • Parameterization stays the same – min effort for programmers

If I use catman 3.5, can I still use my scripts created with catman 3.4?

Yes, the scripts are still compatible.

When do I need to update the software?

An update of your existing software is needed if you

  • get a new module with firmware version 4.x
  • work with new B type modules (they only work with firmware version 4.x)

When do I need to update the Firmware of my QuantumX modules?

An update of your existing modules is needed if you

  • work with new B type modules (they only work with firmware version 4.x)
  • get a new module with firmware version 4.x

Can I use catman 3.5 with QuantumX modules using the firmware 1.x/2.x?

Yes, both can used together. Catman will then run in the QuantumX compatibility mode.

Is a MGCplus firmware update necessary to build up hybrid systems with new QuantumX modules?

No, an update is not necessary.

Does the QuantumX assistant 4 work with the modules using firmware 1.x/2.x?

No, they cannot work together as the modules will be found, but cannot be connected.

Can I use catman 3.4 with new QuantumX modules?

No, you cannot use them together. For doing that, there is catman 3.5 needed.

How can I make a firmware update of existing QuantumX modules to fimware 4.x?

We recommend to do this update with catman 3.5 or the QuantumX firmware updater.

Can I make a firmware downgrade of new QuantumX modules to version 1.x/2.x?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to make a firmware downgrade.

Can I build up mixed system with QuantumX modules having new firmware 4.x and old firmware 1.x/2.x?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to build up this kind of system.

Can I build up a mixed system with older and new QuantumX modules?

Yes, you have to make a firmware update on the modules. All modules need a firmware version equally or higher than 4.0.

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