FS22 Industrial BraggMETER: Static and Dynamic Optical Interrogators

FS22 Industrial BraggMETER are static (1S/s) and dynamic (50, 100, 200, 500 S/s*) optical measurement units specifically designed to interrogate Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) based sensors in industrial environments.

BraggMETER interrogators employ proven continuous swept laser scanning technology. They include a traceable wavelength reference that provides continuous calibration to ensure system accuracy over long term operation.

The Industrial optical interrogators meet the required reliability and versatility to be used in both laboratory testing and field deployment in Civil, Aeronautics, Energy and R&D.



  • Broadband tuning range
  • 1, 4 or 8 parallel optical channels

Simultaneous measurement of a large number of sensors.


  • Clever design, careful selection of components
  • Real-time operating system
  • Consistent and deterministic operating system

24/7 operation under harsh environments


  • Ethernet Interface for connection to an external PC
  • Fully controlled using ASCII strings, BraggMONITOR or catman® software

Easy control via several apps


  • Full integration with other products via catman® sotftware

Hybrid measurements with other HBM instruments and technologies

Available Configurations

FS22 Standard Format
FS22 Standard Format
FS22 Rack-Mountable Format
FS22 Rack-Mountable Format

• SI - Static (1S/s) / DI - Dynamic (50 S/s, 100 S/s, 200 S/s, 500 S/s)
• Standard or rack-mountable formats
• 1,4 or 8 channels

Smart Peak Detection

Embedded in the FS22 BraggMETER SI (static) interrogators this feature allows accurate and stable detection of all FBG peak values in large/complex sensing structures..
For more information please refer to the data sheet.


This video is presented by Leonor Soares, Sales Engineer from HBM FiberSensing


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