WindMETER - Optical Wind Blade Monitoring System

WindMETER system is a reliable monitoring solution specifically designed to monitor wind generator blades. The system consists of a low consumption optoelectronic interrogator suitable for operation over extended temperature range and a set of Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) strain and temperature sensors.

This innovative wind blade monitoring system is characterized by its long lasting performance, attained by a built-in standard, which allows all measured data to be auto-calibrated in every 10 ms.

WindMETER can be integrated into a wide array of applications, leveraging solutions such as:

  • Pitch control
  • Condition monitoring
  • Load assessment
  • Blade design validation
  • Vibration monitoring
  • Ice Detection

FBG sensor technology perfectly matches the requirements for blade monitoring due to its intrinsic characteristics

  • Multiplexing of different parameters in a single chain
  • Immunity to EMI/lightning and electrical isolation
  • Embedding capability during blade manufacturing
  • Signal integrity

Blade monitoring with HBM FiberSensing

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Optical Monitoring System for Strain and Convergence Measurement

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