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Strain and Strain Rate Measurement on Printed Circuit Boards


In our daily life, we must trust the reliability of electronic components – such as PCBs – integrated in cars, smartphones, aircraft, and countless other devices. The reliability of complex electronics and overall electrical systems is a result of experienced development and intensive testing.

International associations such as IPC (Association Connecting Electronics Industries) and JEDEC (Joint Electron Device Engineering Council) – 9704 were founded to develop global guidelines describing where, how and by what method strain measurements should be performed on PCBs.

Find out how to qualify your PCBs with HBK strain gauges and DAQ products in compliance with IPC/JEDEC 9704 guidelines.

Presenter: Malte Grieme

Product Manager Strain Gauges


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Find guidance on the installation of strain gauges on PCBs and the measurement setup with QuantumX and catman DAQ software in the strain gauge knowledge base.

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