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Integrating Optical and Electrical Measurements into One Reliable System

QuantumX MXFS makes optical measurements easy, flexible and competitive – according to your needs. It provides you with all the optical benefits of the BraggMETER technology: suitable for measuring large sensing networks composed of various types of sensors, high strain and high resistance to fatigue, reliable and high-quality long-distance measurements, reduced cost and many more.

With the MXFS BraggMETER modules, hundreds of Fiber Bragg Grating sensors can be connected in series to the eight optical connectors with simultaneous acquisition.

Your benefits are obvious: a cost reduction not only per measuring point but also for overall ownership.

Two modules are available for a perfect fit to the application:

  • MXFS DI – Dynamic - with high acquisition rates typically used for for dynamic monitoring or experimental stress analysis and;
  • MXFS SI – Static – with slower acquisition rates for most suited for monitoring projects or thermal testing of components

QuantumX MXFS allows for the integration of an impressive number of precise and stable optical fiber measurements with different outputs such as strain, temperature, acceleration, load and tilt. With the integration of MXFS, the accuracy and the possible range of applications for your measurements increase.

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“With the MXFS we are taking hybrid measurements to another level because we are combining optical and electrical technologies under the same platform, making them perfect partners”

– Cristina Barbosa, Product Manager Optical Technology at HBK

Easily combine Optical Technology with QuantumX DAQ

The QuantumX MXFS BraggMETER module is both an optical interrogator and an integration toolkit for the reliable QuantumX DAQ system, popular for its flexibility, ease of use, modularity and precision. MXFS operates as single module or synchronized with other QuantumX modules.

Easy to set up a highly flexible and precise measurement chain, simply ‘Plug and Measure’, all the different sensors needed – electrical and optical. The powerful catman® software or any other software by modern API and LabVIEW drivers can be used for data analysis of all the different sensors used.

Combining these two strong players, data information is easily processed and synchronized in one system. 

Easy to integrate

  • Scalable module of the reliable QuantumX DAQ system
  • Simply 'Plug and Measure'
  • Endless intelligent combinations for data acquisition

MXFS offers all the benefits of the QuantumX series such as easy handling and compatibility with catman software.

Flexible and efficient

  • Single point measurements of large sensor networks
  • Smart Peak Detection (SPD) at all acquisition rates
  • Two selectable acquisition rates per module type

MXFS offers a high sensor density and multifunctional use.

Resistant and stable

  • Long-distance measurements, also in harsh environments
  • Immunity to EM and RF interferences
  • High strain and high resistance to fatigue without any zero drift

Accurate and precise measurements with FBG technology.

QuantumX MXFS – Main Applications

Civil Engineering

  • Short or long-term monitoring of bridges, tunnels and high buildings
  • Pipeline monitoring for structural integrity
  • Onshore and offshore monitoring of flare towers and monopiles



  • Durability testing on chassis, wheels and doors with Mobile Road Load Data Acquisition (RLDA)
  • Mechanical validation and testing on composite material components
  • Thermal testing on electric drives, fuel cells, batteries, etc.


  • Blade condition monitoring
  • Onshore and offshore monitoring and testing of foundation and structure
  • Integration in systems for Individual Pitch Control (IPC)
  • Fatigue and durability testing


  • Pantograph monitoring and testing
  • Overhead line (OHL) and pantograph interaction control
  • Vehicle validation and verification


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QuantumX MXFS: Full Power with catman

Like all QuantumX modules, MXFS are compatible with catman data acquisition software (DAQ) – version 5.4 or higher for MXFS DI and version 5.6 or higher for MXFS SI –, allowing for data visualization, analysis and storage during the measurement and subsequent reporting.

The software has an extensive range of functionality and is easy-to-use, even for users who are unfamiliar with the technology.

Using catman with MXFS as stand-alone or in a measurement chain that acquires data via different QuantumX modules, the software benefits your measurement in every way:

  • Straightforward measurements of the optical and electrical signals under the same interface
  • Data visualization on multiple pages, parallel measurement task recording, multiple exportable data formats, data saved locally or remotely
  • Sensor configuration, data processing and report generation

The catman licence is delivered with the module. Nevertheless, MXFS are open to any software by modern API and LabVIEW driver.

catman for QuantumX MXFS


An Introduction to Optical Measurement Chains based on Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG)

Free white paper

  • How to choose the right components for your optical monitoring solution
  • For which applications can FBG technology be used?
  • How can a typical optical Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) based measurement chain be designed easily?

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QuantumX MXFS: the Optical Expertise Behind it

Did you already know that HBM has been developing optical interrogator systems since 2004?

Always trying to achieve the best possible results, our experts have regularly improved the interrogators over the years.

The transformation has not only made the interrogators smaller and more lightweight but also significantly improved the devices' speed thus increasing both accuracy and the range of applications.

Don’t miss the evolution of the optical interrogators and see how QuantumX MXFS became what it is. Learn more

Going the Extra Mile: Supplementary Service and Support

Our service and support team will assist you in all issues regarding test and measurement applications. Our offer: 

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