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QuantumX CX27C: Real-Time Bench Automation and Data Analysis – Perfectly Serves Both Worlds

The QuantumX CX27C gateway module is the key to many different measurement chain configurations - without compromise.

It enables both time-synchronous metrological analysis of the test specimen and integration with test bench automation und thus real-time testing.

Sensor information from up to 24 QuantumX or SomatXR modules can be acquired simultaneously and up to 199 signals can be integrated, in parallel and in real-time. The CX27C gateway module is particularly flexible due to the various possibilities of data integration:

  • Integration via Ethernet TCP/IP into the catman data acquisition software or any other software
  • Real-time integration via EtherCAT or PROFINET IRT
  • Integration via XCP-on-Ethernet into any CAL software

Quickly and easily integrate QuantumX

A wide range of synchronization options such as EtherCAT™, PROFINET or Ethernet IEEE1588:2008 PTPv2 and NTP are available to quickly and easily integrate the powerful data acquisition system QuantumX into a wide range of test environments.

The CX27C gateway makes the QuantumX ideal for the following applications:

  • Structural and thermal durability
  • Engine and powertrains
  • Developmentment of new functions for control units

High flexibility

  • Collect measurement data using QuantumX and catman
  • Real-time integration (EtherCAT or PROFINET IRT) via XCP-on-Ethernet
  • Universal channels enable use of any sensor
  • Ideal for constantly new requirements and demanding tasks

For test sample analysis and real-time automation using Ethernet, EtherCAT, PROFINET or XCP-on-Ethernet in parallel.

High performance

  • 2 MS/s Ethernet data throughput
  • 199 real-time signals in parallel on a millisecond time grid
  • Unique parallel operation of the 4 bus connections, e.g.
    • EtherCAT + Ethernet
    • PROFINET + Ethernet
    • EtherCAT und XCP-on-Ethernet
    • Multiple CX27C in one system: EtherCAT + EtherCAT + PROFINET
    • XCP-on-Ethernet and CAN FD with MX471C

High parallel data throughput owing to two signal paths

Fast configuration

  • Automatic configuration due to automapping
  • Multiple synchronization options (PTPv2, EtherCAT, PROFINET, FireWire…)
  • Free and easy-to-use configuration software (MX Assistant)
  • Ideal for constantly changing and demanding tasks

Fast signal integration using automatic channel parameterization (TEDS) and automapping.

The QuantumX CX27C Gateway Module

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Technical Documentation

Título / DescriçãoIdioma
Data Sheets
CX27C - Data Sheet English
CX27C - Datenblatt German
QuantumX - Brochure English
QuantumX - Brochure (US-Version) English (US)
QuantumX - Broschüre German
QuantumX - Folheto Portuguese
QuantumX - ブローシャー Japanese
QuantumX - 小冊 Chinese
Manuais de Operação
HBM Common API - User Manual English
HBM LabVIEW Driver - User Manual English
QuantumX - Bedienungsanleitung German
QuantumX - Operating Manual English
QuantumX - 操作說明 Chinese
QuantumX - 設置マニュアル Japanese
QuantumX CANbus - Operating Manual English, German
QuantumX CX27C Gateway - Operating Manual English, German
QuantumX / SomatXR - Uninterruptible Power Supply - Data Sheet English
QuantumX / SomatXR - Unterbrechungsfreie Stromversorgung - Datenblatt German
QuantumX BPX001/BPX002/BPX003 Backplane - Information English, German
QuantumX BPX002-SIDE Desktop-Kit – Information English, German
QuantumX case clips (CASECLIP) - Mounting Instructions English
Declaration of Conformity
1-KAB, K-KAB (cable)- Declaração de conformidade Multi idiomas
QuantumX - Declaração de conformidade UE Multi idiomas
QuantumX - Product Type Pattern Approval Russia 2012 Russian
QuantumX - Product-Type Pattern Approval Russia 2017 Russian
Tech Notes
TECH NOTE - IEEE1588:2008 Precision Time Protocol in Data Acquisition and Testing

This TECH NOTE explains the highly accurate time sync mechanism Precision Time Protocol or short PTP, its advantages and its use in Test & Measurement applications.

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TECH NOTE - IEEE1588:2008 PTPv2-Switches and Grandmaster Clocks

This TECH NOTE shows available and tested PTP components together with HBM equipment and can be used as reference source giving you some recommendations.

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TECH NOTE: Integrating GPS / GNSS / IMU Sensors into QuantumX or SomatXR Data Recorder for Mobile Data Acquisition and Map Based Data Analysis

This Tech Note describes satellite-based position measurement in general and its value in mobile data acquisition and analysis.

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TECH NOTE: QuantumX / SomatXR Integration into CANape

This TECH NOTE describes how to integrate QuantumX / SomatXR into CANape via standardized XCP-on-Ethernet.

TECH NOTE: QuantumX Integration into ControlDesk from dSPACE

This TECH NOTE describes how to integrate QuantumX / SomatXR into ControlDesk software set up as XCP master via standardized XCP-on-Ethernet.

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TECH NOTE: Using WLAN in large scale measurement and telemetry applications

This Tech Note describes why WLAN is one of the most suitable wireless network technologies for large scale measurement and telemetry applications. It will show its potential, advantages and challenges, as well as how it’s already used in real life applications.

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