The starter kit DAK1 provides the first time user with a low cost and interesting option to start with the application of strain gages. The well-designed and robust plastic case contains all aids required for initial applications.

An original package containing 10 strain gages and the cold curing adhesives X60 and Z70 ensure the best possible results from different measurements in experimental stress analysis. In addition to the practical components of the starter kit DAK1, the specialist book on strain gages „An Introduction to Measurements using Strain Gages“ by Karl Hoffmann, an experienced specialist in strain gage technology, is also included in the scope of delivery. This book is available in a German as well as an English language version. Due to many years of DAK1 use in company-internal strain gage and instrumentation seminars, the contents of this book has been constantly optimized.

Kit de aprendizagem composto por:

  • 10 peças de Strain gages LY11-6/120A
  • 1 Z 70, adesivo de curagem a frio
  • 1 X 60, adesivo de curagem a frio
  • 1 AK 22, revestimento protetor
  • 1 ABM 75, revestimento protetor
  • Terminais de solda
  • Fio de conexão
  • Lixa
  • Agente de limpeza RMS 1
  • Almofadas de limpeza
  • Solda
  • 1 livro sobre strain gages "Uma introdução às medições usando Strain Gages"
  • 1 Prato Petri (Petri dish)

Contenuto della DAK1

  • 10 ER tipo LY11-6/120A
  • 1 collante Z70
  • 1 collante X60
  • 1 protettivo AK22
  • 1 protettivo ABM75
  • Ancoraggi a saldare
  • Fili di collegamento
  • 1 confezione di solvente RMS1
  • Fazzolettini per pulitura
  • Filo per saldare
  • 1 manuale: „Introduzione alla misurazione con estensimetri“
  • 1 vasetto di Petri

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