Whether for building industry tanks, coal bunkers or tanks for liquids and gases, the C16 weigh module has the specific properties required and is available for all applications.

All the weighing modules, whether galvanized or made of stainless steel, are fitted with integrated stay rods to absorb the horizontal forces, such as typically occur with wind loads. Anti-liftoff devices are included in the design as an accessory and can be easily fitted by the user when required.

The metrological heart of the module is the C16 selfrestoring pendulum load cell, which is available in various versions.

Special optional features of C16 weighing modules:

  • Accuracy class D1, C3 or C4 under OIML
  • IECEx/ATEX zone 1/21 or zone 2/21
  • FM approval (explosion protection for the USA)
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Digital output

The weighing modules are available with maximum capacities ranging from 20 t to 400 t. This allows tanks of up to approximately 1,200 t, to be constructed and, subject to the design, also made legal for trade.

Key Features

  • Equipped with C16 self-restoring rocker pin load cell, Class D1 according to OIML R60, optionally Class C3
  • Transverse control arm included in the scope of supply
  • Designed for lift-off securing device
  • Maintenance-free
  • Compact installation at minimum installation height
  • Easy installation
  • Galvanized material and stainless steel version available

Nominal load: 20 t / 30 t / 40 t / 60 t / 100 t / 200 t / 400 t

Product Literature

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Data Sheets
Instruções de Montagem
English, German
Declaration of Conformity

Ex IIG for zone 2 and Ex IID for zone 21

Multi idiomas
Explosion Protection: Declaration of Conformity

[Translate to Português:] Ex IIG for zone 1

Multi idiomas

Ex I M1

Multi idiomas
Proteção contra Explosões
French, Italian, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese

C16, C2, U2, C2A, HLC, PW15AH, PW25, PW27, PW29, RSC, RTN, Z6, Z7, PW10, PW12, PW15, PW16, PW22, PWS, SP4, Z16, Z6R

Italian, Portuguese, French, Spanish, German, English

C16, C2, U2, C2A, HLC, PW15AH, PW25, PW27, PW29, RSC, RTN, Z6, Z6R, Z16

Italian, English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese

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