What's new in Perception 6.50?

You too can benefit from high usability thanks to time-saving new functions!
Perception 6.50 offers many new features:

'eDrive' application software - New 'Live sheet'

The 'eDrive' application software is a new option provided by Perception for taking measurements on electric inverters and drive systems. The new application software allows easy configuration and preparation of measurements ('Set up'), real-time display of measured values and power calculations ('Live') as well as measurement analysis and playback.
Furthermore, version 6.50 includes a 'Live sheet' for direct reading of power values, rotational speed, torque and temperatures, if they were also acquired.

Cursor navigation keys

The cursor navigation keys make it easy to move the cursor. Just click the mouse to navigate your cursor to the next measurement point to be analyzed.

COMTRADE export format

The Perception export formats have been complemented with the so-called COMTRADE export format. COMTRADE (Common format for Transient Data Exchange for power systems) is a file format for storing and processing of transient measurement data, primarily in power systems. The COMTRADE format has been standardized as C37.111 by the Power System Relaying Committee (PSRC) of IEEE Power & Energy Society.

Support of QuantumX MX1609KB including PTP synchronization

Perception now also supports the MX1609KB data acquisition module of the QuantumX family. MX1609KB provides 16 temperature measurement channels (Type K). The Ethernet based PTP protocol (Precision Time Protocol) is used for synchronization with devices of the Genesis HighSpeed series.

Support of the GEN3t data acquisition system

The Genesis HighSpeed series now offers a new mainframe, the GEN3t. With its compact dimensions, GEN3t has been designed for installation in control cabinets (19"). Ideally suited for test stand applications demanding fast data acquisition - if necessary, with up to 100 million measured values per second per channel. GEN3t offers fast transient recording and continuous data transmission at 100 MB/s to an external PC or at 200 MB/s to an optional integrated solid state disk (SSD). Furthermore, the data acquisition system provides three slots for input cards with up to 96 individually configurable channels.

Support of BASIC/IEPE data acquisition cards

Perception 6.50 fully supports the new BASIC/IEPE ISO 2MS/s and BASIC/IEPE ISO 200kS/s data acquisition cards. The BASIC/IEPE ISO data acquisition cards provide eight channels for analog signals (± 10 mV up to ± 50 V input range) and enable IEPE sensors to be connected, incl. TEDS support.

Perception Data Acquisition Software

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