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PMX Event Counter (Trigger)

In this example, the overpassing of a force value should be counted and displayed. Once the count 5 is reached, this should be signaled on a digital output. Then the operator can set the count back to 0 again.

The following example shows how to setup an event counter in PMX. Two Calculated Channels are required therefore.


Setup a Calculated Channel „Trigger Pulse“.

  • The measured force value is the input signal
  • A predefined value can be set as limit
  • A condition is selected „Trigger on going above“
  • The output is given to „Flag01“

Setup a Calculated Channel „Counter“.

  • Flag01 is the input signal
  • Counted is only with a positive edge
  • By setting a specific limit value for the flag a signal can be initiated, which will be set active when the limit value is reached
  • This activates Flag02, as soon as the counter reaches a value of 5 or higher
  • These Flags can be retrieved by the PLC via a fieldbus

If the result, means archiving of a counter value should be signalized at a digital output(PX878), this flag is set as input for a digital output. In this example digital output 2 is activated by flag02.

The page below is reached by following the path: Menu/Settings/Digital Outputs

Reseting the event counter can be done by:

  • Digital input (PX878)
  • By a fieldbus-control word, this is indicated by digital inputs 17..32 of the PMX
  • Other flags of different Calculated Channels.


These examples are simply for the purpose of illustration. They cannot be used as the basis for any warranty or liability claims.