PMX Trigger Output

In this example, the overpassing of an angle initiates an output signal if the force is in between specific limits.


Setup a „Constant Signal“ for the angle where to test the force:

  • set the value for the constant signal (here: 300)
  • choose an Internal ID (here: 72)

Setup a „Constant Signal“ for the force threshold:

  • set the value for the constant signal (here: 200)
  • choose an Internal ID (here: 73)

Setup a „Trigger Pulse“ which initiates a pulse at the output Flag01 when the angle crosses the 300°:

  • set the condition on “going above”
  • as input choose the encoder (here: Angle)
  • set a threshold (here: Internal ID {72})
  • set a flag for the Output (here: Flag01)

Setup a „Trigger Range“ which sets the output Flag02 when the force is between 0 and 200N:

  • as input choose the force transducer (here: Force)
  • set a threshold high (here: Internal ID {73}), threshold low is 0 in this example
  • set a flag for the Output (here: Flag02)

Setup a “Logic function” which sets Flag 03 if Flags 01 and 02 are set too (Flag03 = Flag01 AND Flag02):

  • choose the function (here: AND)
  • select the inputs (here: Flag 01 and Flag 02)
  • choose an Output (here: Flag 03)

Setup a “Timer” to create a low-pulse in Flag 04 for 0.3s:

  • set the interval for the signal (here: 0.3s)
  • choose the type of signal (here: Single Shot)
  • select the input (here: Flag 03)
  • choose an output (here: Flag 04)

Digital Output: Connect Flag 04 with output 4 (can be any other output) Please note the output is inverted to get a high-pulse.

Transducer Settings

PX460 settings: Angle is measured by an encoder with 1024 pulses per revolution. (Encoder with one single track connected to pin 3 and GND)


These examples are simply for the purpose of illustration. They cannot be used as the basis for any warranty or liability claims.

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