Quais são as novidades no Perception 6.70?

Você também pode se beneficiar da alta ergonomia, graças às novas funções de economia de tempo!

O software Perception 6.70 oferece muitos recursos novos.

User Keys

User Keys are buttons that can be freely configured by Perception users. Several "Actions" can be combined and allocated to a button (user key).

Later, one click on this button is enough to perform a complete list of actions in Perception. Available actions are selected from a list and allocated to a button. Potential actions are, for example: Cursor Navigation, Display Actions and saving of relevant data to the "Action Data Source".

A list of actions for a single User Key could look like this:

  • Automatic Cursor Navigation for identification of a measurement's absolute minimum or maximum
  • Display zoom between these two cursors
  • Transfer of cursor X and Y data to the "Action Data Source"

The values found in this way will of course be available for further computations and reporting. The number of User Keys is unlimited so that users can configure many useful buttons.

Enhanced “eDrive“ application

The 'eDrive' application software is an option provided by Perception for taking measurements on electric inverters and drive systems. Version 6.70 offers the following enhancements:

  • New "Motor-Generator" test option that enables simultaneous testing of an electrical machine in both motor and generator mode.
  • New live computations
  • RPC commands for automatic writing of values to a log file
  • Entry field for the number of pole pairs


Perception Data Acquisition Software

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