Webinar: Introducing eDAQXR-lite

Date & Time:

  Tuesday, June 26th 2018      1:00 PM CT / 2:00 PM ET

This webinar will introduce the new eDAQXR-lite and the latest updates on the eDAQXR. The eDAQXR-lite is the smallest stand-alone data acquisition system offered by HBM, yet has the same power as the full size eDAQXR. Existing eDAQ-lite customers can take advantage of their current signal conditioning layers. 

We will highlight new software features that will be available for both the eDAQXR-lite and the eDAQXR including:

  • Import test setup from Excel
  • New CAN database editing tools
  • Viewing SIE data on the system, without downloading

Walt Farchmin

Product Manager: eDAQXR and eDAQXR-lite



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