Accelerometers for Vibration Measurements

HBM together with Brüel & Kjær (part of HBK) offers a broad spectrum of vibration measurement solutions that respond to varying needs and applications. This adaptability is evident in the range of accelerometers designed for specific environments, industries, tasks and conditions, as well as general purpose instruments that provide a wide operational range.

We offer the following accelerometers:

  • Piezoelectric charge accelerometers
  • Piezoelectric CCLD accelerometers

Piezoelectric Charge Accelerometers

A charge‐type piezoelectric accelerometer is a robust unit designed specifically for high‐temperature vibration measurement. Its unique sensor design allows high dynamic range, long‐term stability and ruggedness in the same package. Brüel & Kjær offers both single axial and triaxial charge accelerometers. 

CCLD Accelerometers

A CCLD accelerometer is designed specifically to make vibration measurement easy because the needed preamplifier is built into the accelerometer unit. It features low impedance output enabling the use of inexpensive cable and can drive long cables. Brüel & Kjær offers both single axial and triaxial CCLD accelerometers.

Industrial Accelerometers

An industrial accelerometer with its rugged design is robust and reliable and covers a wide range of permanent vibration monitoring applications including operations in wet, dusty and potentially explosive areas. Charge and CCLD types are both available. Charge types are especially excellent for high‐temperature measurements.

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