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Smart Signal Conditioners in Modern PC-Software Applications

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 Thursday, May 14, 2020      10:00 AM CET       English

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Modern Industrial Measurement Systems require performant amplifiers to deal with precise and dynamic sensors. Additionally, a variety of modern interfaces must be covered.

In this webinar we will discuss which Ethernet-based interfaces are in place and how they work together with PC-based applications and controls, including the new standard OPC-UA for the IIOT and smart factories.

This webinar will provide an overview of the complete setup of the solution, you will also learn:

  • What the design of smart measurement systems are today
  • The modern, ethernet-based interfaces in the new industrial environment
  • How to integrate smart amplifiers in modern IIOT-solution for smart factories with LIVE-demo


Michael Guckes

Product Manager Industrial Measurement Solutions


[email protected]