Let's ask... Angela!

Angela Bäumel is Head of the Global HBK Academy. The electrical engineer has worked in various capacities at HBM since 1990. In her free time, she is passionate about mountain biking, cooking, photography, and working with her hands. And preferably in the company of family and friends. 

5 Questions for Angela:

What is your main focus?

I am always trying to further develop our training formats in order to achieve a well-rounded combination of online and in-person training - always with the aim of providing a training that meets the highest standards of content and methodology. In order to ensure that you, as the participant, are truly learning successfully, we design our seminars to encompass plenty of opportunities to engage interactively with the material. With a hefty practical aspect. You have to understand and conceptualize something before you can apply what you've learned to your professional life and apply it practically. 

At the same time, we are also running a global quality offensive within the HBK Academy. This means ongoing didactic and methodological trainer development, regular assessments, and continual adaptation of our training content.  

How did you end up at the Academy?​

I love to learn and explain. Explaining technical information in a practical way is what drives me. When HBM opened the Academy, I was there as a trainer just about from day one. In 2011, I was appointed as the director of the HBM Academy in Germany. Since 2019, my amazing team and I have been in charge of the global HBK Academy of Hottinger, Brüel & Kjær. 

What was your best Academy experience?​

Could I talk about two very special experiences?

First of all, the opening of our interactive showroom. We were given a great deal of creative license in the design of our display area and the display models. To this day, we continue to develop the exhibit – with just as much enthusiasm as we did before. 

The second highlight was when, quite recently, the entire Academy team converted all of our training offerings from 100% in-person training to online training and blended learning formats. And we created “genuine” training seminars with much more content than just a webinar.

Could you describe the Academy’s training style?

It is important to me for the participants to fall into discussion with the trainers. I like direct feedback. Questions and comments are welcome at any time. I also prefer more practical explanations and less PowerPoint. To this end, we like building topics gradually step-by-step on the Smartboard. It is perfect for preparing complex content and going over it live. The same applies to online training. 

Final question: Is it essential for measurement technology to be fun?

It doesn’t have to be fun, but measuring technology can be very fun. The more you understand the material, the more fun it usually is. Most seminar participants have told us the same.  


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