Reach Goals Faster Thanks to Pioneering Testing Technology

HBM measurement solutions support you in every step of your product development with conclusive results, innovation and reliability in product development.

From a virtual test in the early phases of design to component tests and field applications. From structural tests with thousands of measuring points to selective troubleshooting on machines and components used for maintenance and repair.

"With a total of 7,000 strain gauge measuring points being required, we were convinced by the reduced installation cost and time, increased noise immunity and easy extensibility offered” Detlev Bauer, IABG Germany | Read the case study

Virtual fatigue and load tests

For fatigue and load test trials in the early design phase with our software solutions from HBM nCode.

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Tests Cell Measurements

Enjoy the benefits of top quality measurement data acquisition systems and measurement technology software for tests on your test benches and in your lab.

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Field Tests and Mobile Applications

Even under harsh ambient conditions and with the highest demands for data reliability and accuracy: Solutions for measurement data acquisition from HBM for mobile applications.

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Structural Tests and Load Tests using Experimental Stress Analysis

For small or very high numbers of channels: Whenever the load carrying capacity of structures is at issue, HBM strain gauges and measuring amplifiers provide optimum results. 

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Maintenance and Service Tasks

Practical DAQ service tools for your sales representatives and systematic troubleshooting, and software for condition-based maintenance: You'll find the right solution at HBM for your maintenance and service tasks.

Your Benefits

  • Reliable and accurate measurement results to make your tests and inspections as conclusive as possible
  • Maximum flexibility, safety and reliability in your application: With expandable and precisely dimensioned systems for both mobile and stationary tests
  • Software, transducer and measuring amplifier: Comprehensive technological know-how in all components of the measuring chain.
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