HBM has vast application knowledge and proven ability to help OEM manufacturers add strain gage based pressure, force, reactionary torque or load measurements to their product.  Catalog sensors may not fit in many OEM applications. We develop and manufacture custom designed sensing solutions to meet these unique requirements.

From strain gauges to sub-assemblies, HBM can design, build and deliver volume sensor solutions, for any industry and application type. With 1,800 employees worldwide and over 65 years of experience, HBM is a leader in strain gage and sensor manufacturing. HBM wrote the book on NTEP/OIML certifications meaning they can design and teach on all aspects of a load cell.

When it comes to OEM sensors, HBM has proven solutions across several industries, including medical, agriculture, on-board, robotics, energy, and many others. These may include blade, autoclave and pressure sensors for the medical industry; load pins and down force sensors for agriculture; extension-type force sensors for on-board applications; multi-axis, reactionary torque for robotics; and force, pancake and threaded rod ends for energy, to name a few.

  • Over 45 years of experience in the United States developing and manufacturing medical device sensors
  • Both standard and custom strain gauges are offered for transducer manufacturing
  • Sensor and load introduction sub-assemblies for packaging design, handling, mounting, testing and shipping
  • Multi-axis sensors for any number of applications
  • Complete sensor design - from sub-miniature/blade-type sensors to large load pins
  • Fast and exceptional strain gauge services for customer supplied parts
  • Reliable through our competent after sales service, two-year warranty, DakkS calibration and ISO9001 certification
  • ISO RoHs production / engineering facilities in the United States, Germany and China.

If you’re an OEM manufacturer in need of a high volume custom sensor, whether large or small, and you don’t want to make any significant changes to your existing system, click the link below to contact an experienced HBM sales engineer. 

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Custom Sensors: Four Steps to Get Your Custom Transducer

The route to your custom-designed transducer is easy. Benefit from the experience of the team of measurement technology experts at HBM all the way from concept to transducer production - in just four steps.

Are you developing a new product? Work closely with us to get a transducer that really matches your application.

1. Concept

We will work closely with you to analyze your measurement task and design the matching solution. Through rapid engineering (CAD and FEM) you get first concepts for your transducer in a short time. Advice on conceptual design is free for you.

2. Quote

After having agreed the concept with you, we provide you with a quote for the customized transducer that really meets your unique requirements.

3. Prototype

Get a prototype of your transducer in a short time... Rapid prototyping makes it possible.

4. Production

If the prototype meets your requirements, production starts. Benefit from the proven quality and delivery reliability of the leading manufacturer with decades of experience.

After Sales: Rely on HBM even after your transducer has been delivered. Benefit from our After Sales service support when you need assistance.

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