Genesis High Speed Transient Recorder & Data Acquisition System

Genesis High Speed is the modular platform for fast measurements of electrical and mechanical parametersA transient recorder, data recorder and data acquisition system – all in one. Also available: Devices with signal conditioning for all commonly used sensors and optical waveguide-isolated digitizers for signal acquisition, even in the high-voltage range.



Thanks to its modular architecture, Genesis High Speed is equipped for any high speed measurement task. Build your own configuration consisting of a mainframe, data acquisition card and Perception software. Using the synchronization function, you can operate several mainframes simultaneously – with thousands of channels in parallel.


Data Acquisition Cards (DAQ Cards)

Genesis High Speed offers a wide selection of data acquisition cards with sampling rates of 20 kS/s to 100 MS/s. Save your data streams directly to hard disk at up to 400 MB/s. Dual acquisition mode makes it possible to switch sampling rates – if necessary up to 400 times per second.


Perception software

Even in challenging application environments, you can be sure that your measurement results are secure with Perception and Genesis High Speed – especially for non-repeatable tests. Your data is in safe hands thanks to the removable hard disk.


 Energy / High-Voltage

  • Cicuit breaker and switchgear testing
  • Lightning impulse analysis
  • Switching impulse analysis
  • Analysis of transient recovery voltage (TRV)
  • Fuse test

 Material Testing

  • Drop tests
  • Impact tests
  • Split Hopkinson bar tests
  • Crash test
  • Explosion and ballistic tests


  • Management on injection systems
  • Analysis on ignition coils

 Electric Drives & Generators

  • Power and efficiency of electric drives
  • Vibration analysis


  • Preventive maintenance and inspection
  • Previsions according to maintenance plan
  • Troubleshooting

Configure your own Genesis High Speed DAQ System

Use the filter below to define the signals/sensors and the speed of your measurement, the quantity of channels and the kind of mainframe you need. If you aren't sure about some requirements, leave them open.  

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Instruments using Fiber Optic Isolated Digitizer

* HBM Genesis HighSpeed products were previously sold under the Nicolet brand. The Nicolet brand is owned by Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. Corporation.

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