Optical Strain Gauge OL: Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) based Sensor with Patented Design

The Optical Strain Gauge OL is designed to be glued to straight or curved surfaces to measure both positive and negative strains in structures and materials.

Particularly suited for high strain applications, the OL gauge combines the advantages of measuring with light with the ruggedness and convenience of the classical strain gauge.


  • Inherent immunity to all electromagnetic effects (EMI, RFI, sparks, etc)
  • Electrical isolation

Accurate results in adverse conditions (e.g. potentially explosive environments, high voltage areas and intense electromagnetic fields)


  • Patented sensor design
  • Outstanding bending capability (6 micron core fiber)
  • Plastic packaging

High quality measurements during 24/7 operation even on curved surfaces


  • Withstanding 10 million load cycles at ±5.000 µm/m alternating strain

No mechanical failure: high resistance to fatigue under high alternating loads


  • Easy handling and simple installation of multiple gauges in a single optical fiber

Benefiting from both optical sensor technology and a wide range of accessories for electrical strain gauges

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