Installing and using T22 and integration into your test and measurement tasks is quick and easy:

  • Electronics included - The transducer already comes with an integrated electronics; this saves time and costs – no additional, external amplifiers are required for upgrading your measurement chain
  • Fast installation - Using the matching couplings available for all T22 sizes
  • Compact design - Perfectly suited to use in test benches where space is a constraint.

The facts in brief: T22 acquires torque using strain gages and contact-less energy and signal transmission. The accuracy class is 0.5 (in compliance with the demanding HBM definition).

T22 is available with nominal (rated) torques from 0,5 N∙m to 1 kN∙m. These characteristics make T22 the perfect choice mainly for dynamic and static torque measurement – on both stationary and rotating parts.

Typical fields of application include laboratory, test and measurement, and education. Production and process control is another field of application of T22 – the transducer enables direct connection to a PLC. 11.5 V up to 30 V DC supply and two ± 5 V and 10 ±8 mA analog outputs provide the basis for connection to a PLC.

The VK20A junction boxes available as accessories make connection easier, increase operating safety and integrate the measurement shaft into the complete HBM measurement chain. Suitable bellows couplings are also available as accessories.

Key Features T22

  • Nominal (rated) torques 0,5 N·m, 1 N·m, 2 N·m, 5 N·m, 10 N·m, 20 N·m, 50 N·m, 100 N·m, 200 N·m, 500 N·m and 1 kN·m
  • Nominal (rated) rotational speeds of 9,000 rpm to 20,000 rpm
  • Accuracy class: 0.5
  • Contactless transmission of measurement signals
  • Measurement on rotating or stationary parts
  • Cylindrical shaft ends for non−play friction joints
  • ±5 V and 10±8 mA torque output signal

Wide Range of Accessories

  • Transducer connection cable (5 m and 10 m)
  • Cable socket, 12-pin (Binder)
  • Bellows couplings
  • VK20A Junction box

Further information can be found in the data sheet.

T22 Product Literature

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