P3IC and P3ICP Pressure Transducers: For Measuring up to 3,000 bar

The P3IC and P3ICP pressure transducers can measure pressure precisely up to 3,000 bar with a 0.1 accuracy class. They are well-suited for use in dynamic and static measurement tasks in the industry, such as diesel injector tests, oil and gas analyses, as well as manufacturing processes and hydraulic test benches.

The P3IC and P3ICP pressure transducers are equipped with HBM’s high-grade strain-gauge technology and provide results with 0.05% repeatability, even with very fast measurements. The pressure transducers have an integrated temperature sensor that ensures accurate results, even through extreme temperature variations. The measuring points are automatically identified with TEDS to allow immediate use.

The P3IC and P3ICP pressure transducers can reliably withstand overloads of up to 2.5 times their nominal (rated) pressure thanks to their corrosion-resistant steel measuring body. They are suitable for long-term use in many different industrial environments with their IP67 degree of protection.

The P3ICP transducer has an HS6 connector. The P3IC transducer comes with a fixed connection cable available in different lengths and with diverse connectors. The P3IC and P3ICP are available in eleven different versions, providing nominal (rated) pressures between 10 bar and 3,000 bar. Thus, they are the ideal solution for many tasks in the industry.

  • Accuracy class: up to 0.1
  • Nominal (rated) pressure: up to 3,000 bar
  • Degree of protection: IP67

High precision

  • Precise measurement results up to 0.1 accuracy class
  • Excellent repeatability and reproducibility (0.05% accuracy)
  • Ideal compensation for thermal influences thanks to its integrated temperature sensor
  • Suitable for use in static and dynamic measurements due to HBM’s high-grade strain-gauge technology

Accurate measurement results owing to an accuracy class of 0.1 and temperature sensor

For industrial environments

  • Robust monolithic steel measuring body
  • Extremely resistant to load—peaks at up to 2.5 its nominal (rated) pressure
  • Corrosion-resistant, even in a chemical and humid environment
  • Suitable for use in industrial environments due to its IP67 degree of protection

Withstands industrial environments due to high overload limit and IP67 degree of protection

Wide ranging applications

  • Available in eleven measurement ranges: 10 bar, 20 bar, 50 bar, 100 bar, 200 bar, 500 bar, 750 bar, 1,000 bar, 2,000 bar, 2,500 bar, and 3,000 bar
  • Broad range of operating temperature, between –40° C to +100° C
  • Automatic measuring point identification using TEDS technology
  • Various options available, with an HS6 connector or different cable lengths (3 m, 20 m)

Suitable for many different measurement tasks, temperature-stable, and available with eleven measurement ranges

P3IC/ P3ICP Product Literature

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