The SLB700A strain transducer from HBM attaches directly to a plane surface with a friction joint and four bolts. This arrangement enables the strain of the test object to be transferred directly to the SLB700A making it ideal for installations where lack of space, or installation conditions, makes it difficult to use standard force transducers.

Ideal applications for the stainless steel SLB700A include multi-stand and C-stand presses. The strain transducer is mainly intended for applications where high forces are to be measured such as roll stands and injection molding machines.

Where bending effects need to be compensated, at least two SLB700A strain transducers should be mounted on opposite sides of the test piece and connected electrically in parallel.

Reliable measurement results

The SLB700A is designed with compensating elements for adapting to the different steel types commonly used in mechanical engineering. The feature means that the temperature effect that could lead to major zero offsets can be neglected. Without the compensating elements, the different thermal expansion coefficients of transducer and test object would change the transducer’s zero signal.

The SLB700A features a high degree of protection and comes supplied with an oil-resistant cable.

Easy integration into automation systems

The PME and digiCLIP amplifier systems complete the SLB700A and provide a self-sustained monitoring unit for all industry requirements. The complete system features a CAN or Profibus interface for easy integration into automation systems.

Measuring systemstrain gauge full bridge
Sensitivity [mV/V]1.5
Linearity deviation [%]5
Mountingsimple bolt-on design
Nominal range500 um/m
Nominal temperature [°C ]-10...+40
Weight [g]160

Key Features

  • For monitoring strain in statically and dynamically loaded units such as cranes, presses and roll stands
  • Simply bolted into place
  • Stainless steel
  • Protected from harmful environmental effects
  • Inexpensive
  • Strain gauge full bridge

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