MC2A / MC3 - Signal Converters for Strain Gauge and Inductive Transducers

The MC2 and MC3A signal converters (measuring amplifiers) are efficient options among measuring equipment, as they are universal and reliable, in addition to being cost-effective, especially for application in industrial automation and production monitoring. 

The modules operate with a fail-safe carrier frequency supply, and thus, can enable quick formation of robust and interference-proof measuring chains.

  • HBM accuracy class: 0.1%
  • Sensor inputs for many common signals in production, test stand and weighing technology
  • Voltage output +/- 5V, current output (optional)
  • Dust and splash-proof housing

Universal and economical

  • Accuracy class of 0.1%
  • Robust and secure carrier frequency amplifiers
  • 2 calibrated measuring ranges
  • Can be used for all common analog strain gauge sensors - such as force sensors, load cells, displacement transducers, torque transducers
  • Offers a wide range of applications in process and factory automation.
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Achieve reliable measurement results owing to an long-term stable and low-noise instrumentation. 

Easy to use

  • All MC amplifiers have an analog output +/- 5V and an integrated limit switch (open collector output) for simple control tasks
  • Optionally a current output 4-20mA can be retrofitted
  • Simplified adjustment via DIP switch and setting potentiometer
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Accomplish a super-fast setup with a screwdriver and tension gauge. No additional PC software is required. 

Proven utility

  • Safe operation owing to dust- and splash-proof housing with protection class IP65
  • High EMC resistance and safety in operation, even in harsh industrial environments
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Universally applicable in many applications of process and factory automation

MC2A Module - Inside View
The printed circuit board inside an MC2A signal converter module.

Two versions available

  • MC3: Carrier frequency measuring amplifier (1 kHz) for strain gauges for static and measurements (65 Hz); high zero point stability; two switchable calibrated measuring ranges 0.2 and 2 mV / V

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  • MC2A: Carrier frequency measuring amplifier (5 kHz) for inductive transducers (full bridges, for example inductive displacement transducers); high zero stability; two switchable calibrated measuring ranges 8 and 80 mV / V.

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Also available: 

  • MC3 / Z01: retrofitable output stage module4..20 mA for MC3 and MC2A

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